‘We shall send the Viege Rouge as far away as possible so that we shall never hear of her again.’ – Tutor of Simone Weil

Sunday, 26 June 2011


For Patrick, with love

Shallow recollections. Just writing. Sycophant discovery tabulating a mooring. How
blooms to broken pax. Pledged, whetted & blunt. The shiny earth teases worms to its pout,
disgorges energy load. The cipher too tired, co-ordinated raising of weft and hand.
Past armour caked a body live singing, a person without skin. Transcribe me. The text is 
bodied insofar as I am juiced green fields
    Panoply of orphaned distance
    Take refuge in identity.
Can arm tacit trash garlic. Laden in my chequered escape are cheap romance, thick 
permutations, chlorophyll spikes. I am a girl for action, anything you want me to be.
A Mexican white bone tree crawling out of
                                                      the gauze of no-place.